When you are purchasing any horse, it is always a good idea to have a Pre-Purchase Exam (PPE) done with x-rays. We work with some of the best vets in Europe to ensure that each PPE is done in a quality fashion.  You are, of course, welcome to use any vet you like.


Standard in all PPE exams is a clinical exam (see the video for an example of a PPE done on a horse purchased by one of our happy customers)

In addition to the clinical exam, standard with the PPE is a set of 22 or 38 x-rays, including the skyline view of the navicular.

The set of 38 x-rays includes the following views:
* Distal extremities: front feet (navicular area) LM, DPr-PaDiO and skyline projection;
* All fetlocks LM, DP, DMPLO and DLPMO projections
* Carpus: LM and DP projections
* Hocks: LM, DP, DMPlLO and DLPlMO projections
* Stifles: LM and CdCr projections

The set of 22 x-rays includes:

* Distal extremities: front feet (navicular area) LM and DPr-PaDiO projections. The skyline views are also included.
* Front fetlocks LM, DMPaLO and DLPaMO projections
* Hind fetlocks: LM projection
* Hocks: LM, DP and DMPlLO projections
* Stifles: LM projection

Of course, any special views your vet requests can be taken.

Also standard during the PPE is to have blood tests done for the export blood tests. This saves time and ensures the horse is allowed to travel to the US or Canada before you finalize the purchase. These tests normally take about 4 days.

A video of the clinical exam will be taken and sent to you along with the report written in English and on an English form and the digital x-rays for your vet to review.