Can I go to Europe and try the horse?

Yes, of course! We do suggest that if you are going over to see one horse specifically instead of just a general shopping trip that you put an offer in on the horse to put it on hold while you go to Europe to try it. This will prevent the disappointment of having the horse sold by the time you arrive.

Are vet exams allowed?

Absolutely! We always suggest that, even if the horse has just had a complete vetting, you do your own with an independent veterinarian. (On a side note, if a seller tells you that a horse cannot be vetted….in our opinion, you should seriously reconsider buying the horse!)

What if I don’t want to go to Europe?

Many of our clients decide not to go to Europe, for a variety of reasons. There are several options for checking the horse out more thoroughly. These include having a custom video made showing things like grooming, ground manners, and riding and/or having a test rider try the horse on your behalf and made a video of it for you. Please contact us to find out more about these options.

How do I pay for the horse?

The horses are paid for by international bank wire transfer. Please note that your bank may have additional currency and wire transfer fees that are beyond our control and therefore not included in any purchase contracts or listed price.

What about insurance?

Your normal equine insurance company should be able to activate a policy as soon as you have paid for the horse. If not, mortality only insurance is available through our chosen import agent that covers the horse for 10 days after landing. If your insurance company has forms to fill out or other documentation needs, please let us know so that we can help you promptly get these taken care of so your horse is fully insured.

Do you own the horses?

No. Ultimate Equine is an equine sales agency.

What is included in the quoted price of the horse?

Prices you are quoted include the purchase price of the horse, our fee, and the estimated import charges to NY.  Please note that shipping to locations other than NY are more expensive and will change the end amount you pay for the horse and import.

Can I get a new video show specific things?

Yes, but please make sure it is a horse you are seriously interested in and prepared to pay the purchase price for in order to avoid wasting the seller’s time.

Can I get a copy of the horse’s show record?

Yes, please ask us for the competition record.

Can my vet view the x-rays?

Absolutely! If the horse has an existing set of digital x-rays, we are happy to send those to you as part of the purchase process for your vet to approve and use as a comparison for the new x-rays taken as part of your Pre-Purchase Exam.

Will the horse pass a vet exam?

While we do our best to only offer horses that are sound, there is no way to know or guarantee that any horse will pass a pre-purchase exam until the exam is done.

Do you offer any guarantees?

No. There is no way to guarantee a horse, unfortunately. We do our best to verify the information provided to us by the sellers, but there is no way to guarantee that a horse will be suitable for you. Our research on the horse does not replace a buyer’s due diligence!

I have heard many horror stories about import horses, i.e the horses don’t exist, a different horse will show up, a different horse will be vetted, no horse will show up, etc. What do you have to say about this?

There are dishonest people in all industries and the horse industry is no exception to this. Location does not change this for the better or make it worse. Because we deal with reputable sellers, vets, and transport companies we have never had one of our customers experience any of these unfortunate events.

Why are your horses so reasonably priced compared to most I see advertised?

Ultimate Equine is able to offer you some of the best prices in the industry due to our long-standing relationship with quality sellers. Because we work directly with the trainers and owners of the horses, multiple commissions are not added to the price of the horse. We also will not work with sellers who double or triple the price just because the buyer is from the US. By keeping our prices “real” we are able to get our buyers quality horses with excellent training and below normal prices.