December 2, 2018|
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Simone Pearce of Australia on Feodoro at the World Six-Year-Old Championships in 2017. File photo © Ilse Schwarz/

SYDNEY, Dec. 1, 2018–Australian dressage rider Simone Pearce was seriously injured when a horse she was schooling collapsed on her when sustaining an apparent aortic tear.

The 27-year-old Simone Pearce reported on her Instagram page that she broke her collarbone and six ribs, perforated her lungs and has a bruise on her abdomen.

“Tragically, the horse probably suffered an aortic tear and crashed while I was still in the saddle,” she said. “Unfortunately, he squeezed me under him when he fell. ”

The horse died on the spot.

“I’m completely devastated and shocked by this event I feel for the horse owners,” she said. “I can only imagine how great the pain they feel after such an unexpected tragedy.”

Simone moved to northern Germany in summer to set up her own training business after after three years at Helgstrand Dressage in Denmark.

She was on the team that launched a training and sales operation in Wellington, Florida last winter. In 2017 on Helgstrand horses, Simone was the first Australian to qualify in both the world five and six-year-old finals, a year after becoming only the second Australian to ever qualify for a final when she made it with Fine Time that placed 11th in the five-year-old championship.

Source: Dressage News


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