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Harmony’s Duval ridden by Adrienne Lyle enjoying the honor round after winning the Tryon CDI3* Grand Prix Special. © 2019 Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com


TRYON, North Carolina, April 21, 2019–Adrienne Lyle on Harmony’s Duval won the CDI3* Grand Prix Special Sunday for the second victory for the U.S. team rider at the Tryon Spring Dressage before taking the American-bred gelding to Europe for the first time.

Adrienne and Duval, an 11-year-old gray KWPN scored 73,851% in the fourth Special since beginning Big Tour competition at the Global Dressage Festival in Wellington, Florida in February. The combination won the Grand Prix Friday with a personal best score. The duo had competed at Small Tour in 2017.

Canada’s Naima Moreira Laliberte and Statesman placed second on 72.404% in only the fourth start since beginning Big Tour a month ago following a European circuit in the Under-25 division last summer. The horse had previously been competed by Jordi Domingo Coll of Spain through the World Young Horse Championships to the 2017 European Championships. (see separate story to come).

Jill Irving, also of Canada, and Degas were third on 69.596%.

Adrienne, 34 years old, rode Wizard at the 2012 Olympics in London and the 2014 World Equestrian Games. She competed Salvino on the silver medal team at the World Games here last September and at the World Cup Final in Sweden earlier this month.

Adrienne Lyle and Harmony’s Duval in the Tryon CDI3* Grand Prix Special. © 2019 Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com

Duval (Rousseau x Riverman) was bred by Leslie Malone’s Harmony Sporthorses of Kiowa, Colorado and is now owned by Duval Partners LLC, a group of supporters in the Pacific Northwest.

With the two victories this weekend, the pair have now won six of their eight starts, and two second places.

“I think his piaffes are getting more solid and confident on the spot,” Adrienne said. “He has super technique for it.”

Adrienne was awarded the $25,000 Anne L. Barlow Ramsay Grant to showcase American-bred horses and plans to take Duval with her to Europe along with Salvino in mid-June.

Specific plans are not completed, but Salvino is expected to compete at Leudelange, Luxemburg and on the U.S. team at the CDIO5* Nations Cup in Aachen, Germany in July. She plans to stable both horses with the American riders based in Belgium for about six weeks.

Adrienne Lyle and Salvino in the CDI3* Grand Prix Special. © 2019 Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com

Pablo Gomez Molina of Spain was successful in two separate divisions.

Pablo Gomez Molina on Furst Fiorano Ymas celebrating victory in the Tryon CDI3* Int. 1 Freestyle. © 2019 Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com

He won the CDI3* Intermediate 1 Freestyle on Furst Fiorano Ymas with a score of 76.125% The pair won the Prix St. Georges two days earlier.

On Servus Ymas in the six-year-old division, Pablo received a score of 88% from the three-judge panel. That is the highest posted in the U.S. this year. Pablo plans to go to the U.S. Young Horse Championships in Chicago this summer, as the owner, Cristina Danguillecourt, is an American citizen.

Pablo Gomez Molina on Servus Ymas in the Tryon CDI six-year-old division. © 2019 SusanJStickle.com


CDI3* Grand Prix Special
E: Tubman-CAN H: Torrente-COL C: Wessels-GBR M: Osinski-USA B: Foy-USA
Rider Nat. Horse E Rk. H Rk. C Rk. M Rk. B Rk. T Pl.
Lyle, Adrienne USA Harmony’s Duval 73.830 1 73.936 2 74.681 1 74.362 1 72.447 1 73.851 1
Moreira Laliberte, Naima CAN Statesman 70.532 2 74.362 1 73.723 2 71.915 2 71.489 2 72.404 2
Irving, Jill CAN Degas 12 70.426 3 69.894 3 70.319 3 68.830 3 68.511 3 69.596 3
Deligdish, Micah ISR Destiny 65.638 6 66.064 4 65.851 4 65.319 5 64.574 5 65.489 4
Pineo, Michael USA Farrington 66.489 4 65.426 6 65.213 5 66.702 4 63.617 6 65.489 4
Tate, Jessica Jo USA Faberge 63.830 7 65.851 5 65.213 5 65.213 6 65.830 4 65.187 6
Blitz, Heather USA Semper Fidelis 66.383 5 64.574 7 64.149 7 63.830 7 63.617 6 64.511 7
Thorn, Hokan USA Django 59.574 8 56.702 8 60.106 8 60.638 8 57.872 8 58.979 8


CDI3* Intermediate I Freestyle
H: Foy – USA C: Tubman – CAN B: Wessels – GBR
Rider Nat. Horse Term Test C T Pl.
Gomez Molina, Pablo ESP Furst Fiorano Ymas Open No FEI Freestyle, Intermediate I 2017 74.500 76.125 1
Baumert, Jennifer USA Handsome Open No FEI Freestyle, Intermediate I 2017 75.750 75.667 2
Ots, Endel USA Lucky Strike Open No FEI Freestyle, Intermediate I 2017 75.250 75.333 3
Egerstrom, Christer CRC Bello Oriente Open No FEI Freestyle, Intermediate I 2017 70.750 73.042 4
Johnson, Katie USA Paxton Open No FEI Freestyle, Intermediate I 2017 73.625 72.583 5
Aho, Leif USA Classy Sinclair Open No FEI Freestyle, Intermediate I 2017 72.875 72.042 6
Bernal, Marco COL Germany Open No FEI Freestyle, Intermediate I 2017 70.125 70.833 7
Corchuelo, Raul COL Senorita 43 Open No FEI Freestyle, Intermediate I 2017 68.375 69.375 8
Little, Janine CAN Quartett Open No FEI Freestyle, Intermediate I 2017 70.625 68.750 9

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