20 Years of


Our goal is to make dreams come true by matching horses & riders. 

Ultimate Equine was started in 1999 with a very simple goal, to help make dreams come true by matching good horses to good riders. And we’ve been doing just that!

Our unique approach to selling horses starts with the horse selection process. Each horse is carefully inspected by our team. We look for temperament, quality, training, and soundness. Probably only 5% meet our stringent requirements and these select horses are the ones we proudly offer to you. Each member of our team brings a unique perspective to the selection process which helps you to get the best possible horse within your budget.

The quality of our horses shows in their above average competition results after arrival here in the US.

The quality of our customer service shows in the fact that we are here for you every step of the way. From deciding what horse will suit your needs to helping you adjust to each other after the horse arrives, you have our support.

And, of course, we love all of the updates and photos you send!


As founder of Ultimate Equine, Rosanna takes special pride in the quality of horses and customer service offered. Rosanna is a life-long horse person with 20 years of experience with Warmbloods and dressage. Rosanna has a special interest in equine physical therapy and rehabilitation. She often consults with owners and trainers (and the occasional vet!) worldwide to assist in solving difficulties they are having with abused and injured horses. She is more than happy to use her experience and unique perspective on the rider & horse dynamic to help buyers have the best possible experience with their new horse. Rosanna is a self-declared “mare person” and her favorite breed is Trakehner. While not competitive in dressage, Rosanna enjoys riding the FEI movements, classical dressage “alta escuela”, and training young horses.  Rosanna has experience and training in breed judging, Western disciplines, dressage, hunter jumpers, and conformation/in hand competition.

FAQ for Rosanna: “How did you get started in brokering horses?”

“I got started in this business on accident. I was trying to sell a gorgeous Hanoverian cross filly that I had bred and I kept getting emails and phone calls from people asking if I knew where to find certain types of horses. I did my best to help them and after about a year of doing it successfully (and for free), at the suggestion of my dad…Ultimate Equine was born.”